Last Minute Yard Maintenance Before Snow Comes

Winter is just a few short weeks away, and that means snowy weather is almost here. Check out these last-minute yard maintenance tips to put into action before the snow begins to fall!

Hilltop Lawn Care - Last Minute Yard Maintenance Before Snow Comes

  • Rake any remaining leaves – Leaving debris and leaves on your yard over the winter can deprive your lawn of the sunlight and nutrients it needs to stay alive during the colder months. When leaves are layered atop your grass and then covered with snow and ice, a consistently moist atmosphere is forced upon your lawn and can breed fungus and attract unwanted pests.
  • Cut your grass short – If you haven’t put your lawn mower away for the winter yet, give your yard one last trim before you do. Cutting your grass down to about ¾” prevents the buildup of dead grass that will eventually slow new growth in spring. Now is also a good time to aerate and fertilize your lawn so that it will be healthy and ready to grow steadily when warmer weather arrives.
  • Turn off your sprinklers – It’s best to turn your sprinklers off before the first freeze, but if yours are still on, turn them off as soon as possible to prevent burst pipes or an ice-covered lawn. If your sprinkler system doesn’t automatically drain, it’s also a good idea to find the valve that drains the water from the pipes to ensure the pipes are empty and dry before freezing temperatures arrive.
  • Prune trees and shrubs – Your local nursery or garden center can help you determine which of your trees and shrubs need pruning before the winter season, and can inform you of the best times to prune and how far down to cut limbs. Remove dead branches, but be careful to not prune any ornamental trees like azaleas and rhododendrons, as they set buds for their blooms in late fall, and pruning can destroy next year’s blooms.
  • Seed and fertilize any bald patches – The best way to ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn come spring is to tend to it properly before winter. Sprinkle seeds on bald or empty patches of your yard, and be sure to water and fertilize them after.

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