The Emergence of Spring Weeds in your Lawn

Spring is just around the corner and your lawn will soon be full of life again, but it isn’t just grass and flowers you’ll be seeing. Weeds thrive off warm temperatures, sunlight, and rainfall early in spring, which emphasizes the importance of preparing your lawn for the season. Here are some tips for getting your lawn and garden ready for their growing season!

Remove Debris

Branches that have broken off from trees and any leaves that accumulated since your last rake of the fall season are likely sitting atop your lawn, depriving it from the full amount of air, sunlight, and water it needs. Clearing debris helps reduce the risk of dead patches and insect infestation and allows better airflow and sunlight to your lawn.


Aerating your lawn is another great way to increase airflow and ensure enough water reaches the root zone of your grass, which is essential to a healthy and beautiful yard. In order to keep weeds out effectively, always aerate before the soil gets too warm (below 60 degrees is key) so that the holes created in your lawn do not pose as an inviting home for active weed seeds.


Your lawn loses a lot of necessary nutrients in the winter, so fertilizing in early spring gives it the boost it needs to begin the growth process once again. Apply additional fertilizer to brown or slightly bald patches of grass and try to avoid re-seeding until the fall.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

The most effective method of keeping weeds out of your yard is prevention. Pre-emergent weed control is a chemical used to prevent weeds from germinating and therefore growing throughout your lawn. Once germination occurs, weeds are very difficult to get rid of completely, so applying it before the soil temperature reaches 55-60 degrees is critical. This weed control chemical is considered an herbicide and can be dangerous to people as well as animals if they come in contact with it soon after it is applied, so it’s best to let the experts handle this essential task.

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