Summer Landscaping Ideas

Looking to do a little landscaping this summer? Here at Hilltop Lawn Services, we’ve been in the landscaping business for quite some time and picked up a few tips which have helped us along the way. In an effort to help your summertime landscaping go smoothly, we’ve assembled some of these tips for you here.

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Make a Design

No good landscaping was ever completed without even the most basic of plans. Before diving into digging up your yard or heading off to your local home improvement store, it’s crucial you create a plan. Here in Carroll County, MD we fall into either USDA plant hardiness zones 6b or 7a. This means, when choosing plants for your design, it’s best to stick to those which are best suited for these zones.

Plant Natives

If you’re not sure what to plant, start with looking up plants native to Maryland to get some ideas. These plants will be the best at surviving not only our climate, but also the pests native to Maryland as well. By using plants native to Maryland, you will have a landscape which can survive Maryland droughts and repel deer better than any others.

Plant in Odd Numbers

Our eyes generally gravitate towards the center of an object or group of objects. For this reason, it’s suggested to plant landscapes in odd numbers so that the center, where your eye will gravitate, isn’t empty. While this is a general rule of thumb, and mostly applies to larger items such as bushes or trees, it’s a great rule of thumb to stick with when creating your first landscape design.

Thriller, Filler, and Spiller

Use the “thriller, filler, spiller” method for selecting plants in any raised garden beds or planters. This method of plant selection ensures visual interest at all heights of the landscape. The “thriller” is a tall plant aimed at being the backdrop, commonly a tall grass, bush, or tree. The “filler” plant will be the plant used to fill in between the thriller and spiller. Lastly, the “spiller’ is a running plant which will creep over the edge of the garden bed or planter when and if possible.

Consider Why You’re Planting

Another important aspect to consider when planting is the “why”. If you’re simply planting to make your landscaping look beautiful, then great, aim for that. But maybe you have other interests. Do you enjoy butterflies or birds? Plant flowers which attract butterflies such as milkweed or plant something like purple cone-flower to attract small birds. Maybe you enjoy eating fresh vegetables? Incorporate some vegetable plants into your landscaping and have fresh herbs or vegetables all season!

If you’re in search of additional landscaping help this summer, or maybe you have a design idea but aren’t exactly sure how to execute your plan, get in touch with a local Westminster landscaping company today! Here at Hilltop Lawn Services, we’re an experienced and professional landscaping service specializing in delivering the highest quality landscapes in Carroll County, MD at an affordable price. For more information, give us a call at 443-821-2644 or fill out the form on our website for a free estimate, today!!

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