Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Are you breaking your lawn mower out for one of the first times this spring? Before jumping right into mowing your lawn, give your mowing equipment a quick tune-up. Here are some tips to maintaining your lawn mowing equipment to ensure it runs perfectly all season.

Start with the Manual

If you still have your owner’s manual sitting around, take a moment to freshen up on the recommendations set down through the manufacturer. This will shed some light on important information you need to know such as the type of gas and oil your mower takes, the types of maintenance the manufacturer suggests, and any features your mower has built-in which require periodic maintenance.

Check Gas and Oil

Before starting your mower, especially at the start of the mowing season, check your oil and gas reservoirs to ensure they are at acceptable levels and free of debris. If you see debris in your gas or oil compartment you will need to drain it out and then replace the fluids before starting up your mower.

Drain Fluids before Winter

Here in Maryland, our winters easily drop below freezing each year. As such, you want to be sure your lawn mower doesn’t contain any fluids before you put it away for the winter season. That is, unless you keep your mower in a heated garage. Draining fluids protects your mower from damage caused by the fluids freezing to a point of expanding which can lead to expensive damage.

Swap out the Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are an essential part to your lawn mower’s proper operation and they occasionally need to be changed out. This isn’t a maintenance task you need to worry about every year, but if your mower is showing signs of struggle when starting it could be the spark plug—and it’s a fairly inexpensive repair to make.

Inspect the Filter

Most lawn mowers have an easily-accessible air filter made of foam or paper which can clog-up over time. This filter prevents larger particles in the air from entering your engine and causing damage. At the start of the mowing season, have a quick look at your engine’s filters to see how it looks and if it’s clogged up order a new filter or take it in to a small engine repair shop.

Sharpen the Mower Blades

Mower blades should be sharpened at least once every year, if not more. Your mower blades are what cuts the grass; when they get dull they rip your grass as opposed to providing a clean cut. When grass is cut with dull blades it gives it a shredded look which is not only ugly, it also opens up the turfgrass to diseases, insect damage, and weeds. Have your blades sharpened before the mowing season starts in the spring and again in the middle of summer if you have a large lawn, or tend to hit a lot of sticks.

Clean off any Caked-On Grass

On the underside of your lawn mower is probably a nice collection of caked-on grass. It’s best to clean this grass off as often as possible in order to ensure your mower is working at its peak efficiency. It also helps reduce the spread of any turf diseases or weed seeds. Before messing with the underside of your lawn mower, be sure you disconnect the spark plug to be sure the lawn mower won’t turn on.

Hire a Professional

If after performing these maintenance tips your lawn mower still isn’t working, and you need to have your lawn mowed soon, why not hire a one-time Westminster, MD lawn mowing service? Or, if you’ve decided that keeping up with maintaining a well-cut lawn is more hassle than you want to deal with, why not sign-up for an ongoing mowing service in Westminster?

Your grass cutting pro will be able to cut your lawn according to your schedule, and you won’t have to worry about any ongoing mower maintenance!

Hilltop Lawn Services is a local lawn mowing service in Westminster, MD who always has well-maintained grass cutting equipment to ensure the best cut lawn. For more information on our Westminster, MD grass cutting services give us a call at 443-821-2644, today!

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