Fall Lawn Clean-Up

Don’t let the onset of cooler temperatures deter you from properly caring for your lawn year-round! Utilizing these Fall lawn clean-up tasks and tips will keep your yard in great shape all season long, and prepare your lawn for next Spring.

Fall Lawn Clean-Up

Don’t Ditch the Mower

You might be eager to put the lawn mower away for the year, but don’t do it just yet! Although you won’t have to mow every week, it’s good to mow a few times during the Fall months. And don’t lower your mower blades, ever, just keep up with mowing so that when the snow does hit the grass is at the correct height.


Over time, your lawn’s soil becomes compacted, blocking oxygen and essential nutrients from getting to the roots. Handheld fork-like tools and larger aerators are available for purchase or rental that puncture your lawn and remove plugs of soil, allowing the oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots and better the health of your lawn.

Reseed & Fertilize

Fall is an optimal time for reseeding your lawn because it allows roots to grow before the cold temperatures of Winter arrive. Always loosen soil first with a rake, then apply seed evenly. Apply fertilizer to deliver necessary nutrients to the existing grass roots.

Care for Outdoor Furniture

Spray wash any lawn furniture you plan on leaving out during the Fall and Winter. Bring inside and properly store any fragile or valuable lawn items that could potentially be damaged by cold weather or snow and ice.

Rake Leaves

Don’t wait until all the leaves have fallen off the trees in your yard to rake – this will leave you with an hours and hours’ worth of clean-up. Instead, rake weekly to tackle the mess in less time-consuming intervals. Try to avoid letting leaves wet from rainy days sit on top of your lawn, as this can starve your lawn of the sunlight and nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Scheduling routine lawn maintenance with your local landscaping and lawncare company will take a lot of these sometimes tedious and time-consuming tasks off your hands, so what are you waiting for?!

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