A Clean Lawn is a Happy Lawn

Fall and Winter bring leaves and snow that hide your beautiful lawn during the winter months. Though the first signs of the seasons can be aesthetically pleasing, they aren’t necessarily healthy for your lawn. Let’s take a look at why it’s a good idea to keep your yard clear of debris, and some additional Fall lawn maintenance tips!

Hilltop Lawn Care A Clean Lawn is a Happy Lawn

How Leaves Deprive Your Lawn

The first leaves of fall are colorful and comforting, but as they build up, they begin to pose a threat to your lawn’s health. Your lawn needs to breathe in order to stay alive, much like humans. When it is covered in a thick layer of leaves, it has a difficult time maintaining its health. The layer of leaves deprives your lawn of the air, sunlight, and nutrients it needs to maintain energy through the winter.

An Invitation for Unwanted Guests

Snow that sits atop a layer of leaves provides a rather inviting home for pests and insects of many kinds, as well as snow mold. Snow mold is a lawn disease that leaves you with unsightly straw-colored grass when the snow melts and spring arrives. The cause? Fungus that grows rapidly under snow cover. Once the snow melts, the fungus continues to thrive until your Maryland lawn dries out.

Tips for Fall Lawn Care:

  • Mulch – If your yard collects a lot of leaves in the fall, mulching them with a lawn mower is a great way to dispose of them, as mulched leaves help control weeds and provide soil with nutrients.
  • Feed – Give your lawn 2 fall feedings: one at the start of the season and another about 6-8 weeks after. This helps break down the mulched leaves and gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.
  • Weed killer – Fall is a great time to apply weed killer, as the weeds are striving to absorb energy the most during this season. Quench their thirst with some herbicide, but be cautious to not disturb the healthy grass surrounding the weeds.

If the stress of having to continuously maintain your yard during the “off” season is weighing on you and keeping you from outdoor cleaning, why not hire a lawn clean-up crew this fall? The professionals at Hilltop Lawn Services have been happily serving as the leading Westminster, MD lawn service company.

We are dedicated keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful. Contact us today to schedule Fall lawn maintenance, or to inquire about our other lawn care services.

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