5 Common Mulching Myths Debunked

With spring in the air, many homeowners are beginning to work on their home’s exterior and landscaping. In addition to weeding, trimming and surveying the damage winter did on your yard and flowerbeds, you’ll also need to survey the status of your mulch. There are some misconceptions surrounding mulch which we’d like to clear up. Let’s look at five common mulching myths.

5 Common Mulching Myths Debunked

  1. Mulch needs to be deep. This is a very common myth, and many homeowners unknowingly damage their foliage with the best intentions. Mulch only needs to be a maximum of 3 inches deep for optimal protection and saturation. Making the mulch deeper than that can lead to excess moisture surrounding your tree or shrub’s trunk, making it susceptible to rot damage.
  2. In the same vein, many people believe mulch should be mounded up around the trunk of a tree to provide extra protection, but this can lead to root rot and fungal grows on the tree. As stated above, no more than three to four inches is necessary, and it should be an even covering around the plant.
  3. Another common myth is that wood chip mulch is too acidic and will prevent your plants from flourishing. In this myth it is believed that the mulch makes the soil more acidic and prevents plants from flourishing. In reality wood chip mulch is slightly more acidic, but it doesn’t noticeably impact your soil, and it does not negatively impact the plants growing in your yard.
  4. Using landscape fabric is another mistake many people make when mulching their landscaping. Wood mulch is beneficial to your flower beds as it breaks down. By adding landscaping fabric you create a barrier that prevents that decaying wood from fertilizing your soil.
  5. And finally, the myth that all mulch is created equal. In reality certain plants benefit from certain types of mulch while other types may actually interfere with plant growth. For example, mulch made of compost is great for flower gardens and vegetable gardens, while trees and shrubs benefit from more coarsely cut wood chip mulch.

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